Warranty Policy


Before initiating the return process for any item to Mines Services Suriname N.V. for examination by one of our technicians, please take a moment to review our warranty policy outlined below.

In the event that any of the products we provide fail to perform satisfactorily, kindly dispatch the goods to us at the address provided below for a thorough inspection and assessment by one of our qualified technicians. Upon determining a valid warranty claim, we will proceed with all necessary repairs and promptly return the goods to you.

If an item returned is not covered under warranty, we will furnish you with a written estimate for the required repair works as the subsequent step towards addressing any issues raised. Please be advised that we hold no liability for any business losses incurred due to product failure.

Certain items we offer come with extended manufacturer warranties, and our guarantee serves to offer you additional assurance, not as a replacement for the manufacturer’s warranty.

It is important to note that, as stated above (and reiterated in our Terms & Conditions), if a product is returned due to a fault or issue unrelated to manufacturing defects but resulting from general misuse, wear and tear, and/or overloading, such instances will not be covered under warranty. In such cases, an additional service charge may apply along with the carriage cost associated with returning the item(s).

Should you choose to arrange for the product’s return at your own expense, you may do so. Please understand that we are not responsible for coordinating the collection or return of products that are neither faulty nor covered by our warranty policy.

Warranty Return Address

Mines Services Suriname N.V.
Bethesdaweg 2



Suriname- South American

If there is anything else, we can do to help please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our Customer Services team by phone on +597 485 300 or email info@minesservices.sr