Most popular questions.

  • Where are you located?

    Our headquarters can be found at Bethesdaweg 2

  • How can I request a quote?

    You have several options to request a quote: Call us directly at +597 485300. Send us an email at info@minesservices.sr. Fill in the form under the "Request a Quote" tab on our website.

  • How do I purchase your cleaning products?

    Our range of cleaning products showcased on our website can also be bought in person at our store.

  • How can I place an order for a Big Ass Fan?

    You have two convenient options: Request a quote online or give us a call directly at +597 485300, where you can ask to speak with one of our representatives.

  • Do you offer high-quality cleaning products?

    We specialize in providing industrial and janitorial products suitable for any company across various industries. Our clientele includes major corporations in Suriname, including those in the mining, oil, and gas sectors.

  • Are your employees certified to perform inspections?

    We are LEEA certified for conducting inspections. Additionally, our staff undergoes certification and on-the-job training to proficiently carry out their roles.

  • Do you offer shade accessories for sale?

    Absolutely! We have a selection of accessories available in-store. If you don't find a specific accessory you're looking for, we're happy to explore options to order it for you.

  • Do you provide shade cleaning services?

    We focus on manufacturing and installing shades, we don't offer cleaning services directly. However, we can certainly provide recommendations or refer you to third-party services specialized in shade cleaning.

  • Do you offer generator repair services?

    Depending on the type of generator and the nature of the issue, we can provide guidance and advice on repair options.

  • Why use Green Pin Tycan® Chain?

    Green Pin Tycan® Chain allows companies to achieve a safer working environment for their crew. The soft touch and light weight reduce the risk of bad backs, cuts, bruises or hearing damage. Furthermore, the risk of damage to vulnerable and valuable cargo is reduced significantly, as is the threat of claims from customers. Green Pin Tycan® Chain is very easy to use and up to eight times lighter than a steel chain of comparable strength. This makes even long lengths of Green Pin Tycan® Chain light enough for one person to work with all day long. Your operations will benefit from reduced sick leave, fewer delays and lower transport costs.

  • What is Green Pin Tycan® made from?

    100% from Dyneema®, the world’s strongest man-made fiber™, is manufactured by multinational DSM, headquartered in the Netherlands and respected as the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE). Dyneema® is light, flexible and up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis.

  • How often should overhead cranes be inspected?

    Some government regulations require annual crane inspections. It's also important to do your own inspections throughout the year for added safety. Certain checks should be done every time the crane is used, while others can be less frequent. Here's how inspections break down: Daily Equipment Checks: These should be done every day. Periodic Inspections: These happen every two months, quarterly, or annually.

  • Why should my overhead crane be inspected?

    Regular inspections help catch mechanical issues early, reducing the risk of accidents or expensive breakdowns. Although repairs can be costly, addressing them promptly can prevent disruptions or stoppages in operations. Inspections also serve as a preventive measure. Including inspections in employee training can minimize problems caused by improper use and improve overall equipment understanding. Neglecting equipment maintenance can lead to indirect financial penalties and costly downtime.

  • How do I determine what pump capacity I need?

    We'll evaluate your project's specifics to figure out the ideal gallons-per-minute pumping capacity for your requirements.

  • What power options do your pumps have?

    We offer electric, gas, and diesel dewatering pumps to match your job site's power supply and pumping needs.

  • What other dewatering equipment do you provide?

    Aside from pumps, we also supply pipes and various accessories to handle all your dewatering requirements at a job site.

  • Does CRC offer any food grade products?

    Yes, CRC offers a wide variety of Food Grade Products. Click the link below to view CRC’s Food Grade Catalog.

  • Why is it recommended that I clean out any old grease before applying new grease?

    Not all greases are compatible. Incompatibility of greases may result in a component failure as a result of significant changes in the chemical and physical properties of the grease.

  • Does CRC warranty their products?

    All CRC products have a conditional warranty of two years from date of manufacture.