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Inspection and Certification

Inspection and Certification of Lifting Equipment

Harsh working environments, rugged terrain, and large dumper trucks are all defining features of open-cast mining. Despite tires for these massive trucks being specifically engineered for mine conditions, repairs are frequently necessary.

Tire repair technicians are equipped with the necessary tools, materials, and system solutions to swiftly and effectively conduct repairs.

This is essential for mine operators, as continuous tire operation is imperative.

At Mines, we specialize in tire repairs for various OTR (Off-the-Road) equipment, including:

  • Tractor Trailers
  • Bulldozers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Earthmovers

A look behind the scenes

Off The Road Tires

Inspection|Repair & Maintenance

When a damaged Off the Road tire is received, it undergoes careful inspection by our skilled team to assess the extent of the cut or damage.

Following this initial examination, the tire is opened and thoroughly inspected internally.

Once opened, the tire is cleaned and degreased to ensure optimal conditions for repair.

After determining the extent of the damage, the tire is prepared for the repair process.

If necessary, a suitable patch is selected for later application. Following the selection and preparation of patches for both the inner and outer areas of the tire, it is then readied for the vulcanization process.

Vulcanization involves applying patches to both the inner and outer surfaces of the tire at specific temperatures.

This process ensures the tire is repaired and recapped in accordance with our company’s certification standards, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Our technicians will fix your tire to minimize your downtime, allowing you to return to work in no time.

Liebherr Harbor Equipment

Supply & Service

We offer maintenance and servicing for all Liebherr LHM, LRS, and LH series cranes.
In addition to routine crane inspections, it’s advantageous to establish a thorough plan including preventive maintenance, scheduled repairs, and advanced services that delve deeper into your crane and its components.

By implementing a coordinated maintenance program, you can better ensure a safer, more dependable, and compliant operation.
Here is our four step process for all Servicing projects:

Expert guidance at every stage
During equipment servicing, we adopt a consultative approach to communicate our findings and offer recommendations.

Safety Evaluation

If a safety-related issue is identified, the technician will conduct a Safety Evaluation with you before leaving the site or returning the equipment to operation.

Visit Evaluation

After completing each service request and while on site, the technician will discuss their inspection or maintenance findings, review identified risks and opportunities for improvement, and seek your decision on recommended actions.

Service Evaluation

A Mines representative will review any open risks or recommendations, provide answers to your questions or concerns, and document the next steps.

Business Evaluation

This involves a review of our service relationship, examining progress, feedback, and documented value.

Here's some information about the cranes:


Liebherr's lineup of mobile harbor cranes (LHM) is exceptionally versatile, serving as a universal all-rounder. The LHM plays an important role in handling various types of cargo, including containers, bulk commodities, general cargo, and even heavy lifts weighing up to 308 tonnes with an outreach of 18 meters, and up to 100 tonnes with an outreach of 47 meters. The product range caters to vessels of all sizes, up to megamax and capesize.


The extensive product line of Liebherr's reachstacker series provides options for a wide range of applications. Apart from the typical task of handling containers, the series also caters to transporting bulk and break bulk goods. For instance, it includes versions like the Log Handler, designed specifically for handling wood. Benefitting from years of development experience in the maritime industry, Liebherr reachstackers boast numerous efficient innovations, along with a comfortable, ergonomic design and impressive performance. This makes them versatile handling solutions suitable for various terminal operations.


Liebherr provides a diverse selection of crane models, ranging from the LTM series All Terrain cranes renowned for their mobile off-road capability to crawlers and tower cranes. Additionally, there are various LH Cranes designed for specific purposes such as Material Handlers for Scrap Handling, Timber Handling, and Waste Management.