Environmentally friendly products and a range of chemicals for the automotive industry, marine, heavy equipment, hardware and electrical and other industrial products. Some of the products in the range include degreasers, brake cleaners, lubricants, rust removers, machine cleaners.

SCL products

SCL products include floor maintenance systems, a large selection of cleaning agents for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Products from SCL offer eco-friendly and food-safe cleaning and maintenance options suitable for the hospitality industry, healthcare, commercial properties and offices, industrial warehouses, educational facilities and so on.


Innovative paints and coating that empower the do-it-yourselfers and professional alike

Big Ass Fan

Not just any fan but a special, custom cooling system manufactured from high-density materials. Stylish and light, in both ceiling and upright versions. For optimal air circulation with an immediate noticeable reduction in temperature in the room. The surface area plays no role: departure and arrival halls, for warehouses and sheds, for factory areas and production halls. There is a solution for every industry.

Swingtec fogging machines

Wear-free thermal and non-thermal technology where pesticides are converted into suspended fog. Suitable for control of mosquitoes, insects and parasites. Good for use on plantations, fields, agricultural areas, green houses. Applicable for pest control in silos, storage facilities and warehouses of, for example, textiles, tobacco, dried crops, wood and other agricultural products, etc. Highly suitable for disinfecting rooms, offices, kitchens and restaurants.


Premium shade material for both home, garden and commercial use, complete with stainless steel fasteners. Durable shade material for protection from the sun's UV rays. For both small and large enclosures such as parking lots. No job is too big with the countless options that can be constructed with polyfab.